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Venetian Oblong Violin Case

Special one-of-a-kind case with plush velvet interior and Italian silk accents. Four bowholders, attached instrument blanket, hygrometer and humidifier. Gewa thermo-composite construction, black water-repellant cover with outside music pocket and two detachable backpack straps. Weight: 5.5 lbs. 4/4 only.

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Venetian Oblong Violin case

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St. Fleur bow
"St. Fleur" Colored Braided Carbon Fiber Bows New
Violin: $235 • Viola: $245 • Cello: $265

Peccard Violin or Viola Outfits
Set up by hand • Free shipping US locations • Ships in three business days

Peccard Violin Outfit

Nice starting instrument for beginning student. Good sounding, well made instrument. The "outfit" includes the instrument, elegant composite fiberglass bow, with woodshell case and instrument blanket, backpack straps and outside music pocket. Set up by hand with French Despiau bridge and D'addario Pro-arte Strings. Trade-in Policy.

Peccard VIOLIN
• 4/4: $395.00
• 3/4 - 1/2: $385.00
• 1/4-1/16: $375.00

Peccard VIOLA
• 15"-16 1/2": $495.00
• 14": $435.00
• 12", 13": $395.00

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Rosalia Violin or Viola Outfits
Set up by hand • Free shipping • Ships in three business days

One of our best selling models, the leading student instrument praised by thousands of teachers and students. Made of selected seasoned spruce top and maple back. Attention to detailed craftsmanship. Superb playability and response. Golden brown oil varnish. (An "outfit" includes the instrument, elegant composite fiberglass bow suited to that instrument, dart woodshell violin case, rosin and tuner.) Carefully set up by hand, with Despiau French bridge and D'addario Helicore strings. [Dominant strings available for an extra $20.00] All sizes including 1/32 and 7/8. Trade-in Policy.

Rosalia Violin Outfit Rosalia Violin Outfit
• 4/4, 7/8: $630.00
• 3/4 - 1/2: $600.00
• 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 1/32: $590.00

• 15"-16 1/2": $924.00
• 14": $650.00
• 13": $630.00

Violin/Viola Pedagogy:
  1. Terminology: Common String Articulations
  2. Analysis of Carl Flesch Scale System
  3. Bowing Variations for Scales/Arpeggios
  4. Stringed Instruments Care & Maintenance
  5. Violin & Viola Fingerboard Charts
  6. Public Domain Materials for Intermediate Violin & Viola Students
  7. String Pedagogy Library
  8. Violin/Viola FAQ
  9. Non-Traditional String Sound Resources
  10. Advice to a College String Student
  11. Three Charts for Violin/Viola Study
  12. Two Essays on the Development of Student Orchestras
  13. Sight Reading for Rehearsal and Audition Purposes
  14. Nicolas Laoureux, A Practical Method for Violin
  15. Ivan Galamian (1903-1981)
  16. Francesco Geminiani: The Art of Playing the Violin
  17. Ornamentation in Giuseppe Tartini's Traité des Agréments
  18. Book Review: Heifetz as I Knew Him, by Ayke Agus
  19. Book Review: Michael Rabin, America's Virtuoso Violinist
  1. Piano Pedals
  2. Jazz Piano
  3. Advanced Piano Literature
  1. Musicology: Historical Eras
  2. J.S. Bach: Literature
  3. Baroque Dance Forms
  4. Early History of the Violin
  5. The Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61: Some 20th Century Viewpoints
  6. Toby Appel's Guide to the Orchestra
  7. Portraits of Anomaly: Nannerl Mozart, Fanny Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann
  8. Grout History of Western Music: Outlines and Time Lines
  9. John Cage and Merce Cunningham 1942-1992

  1. Sound Files Library
  2. Chord Structures & Cadential Formulas
  3. Ornaments
  4. Evaluating Intervals
  5. Clef Signs
  6. Modes
  7. Dynamics
  8. Forms
  9. Non-harmonic Tones
  10. Time Signatures & Conducting Patterns
  11. You might be a theory geek if. . .

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