Battle of Aughrim

Bill Cheatham

Boatin' Up Sandy

Cherokee Shuffle

Cluck Old Hen

Devils Dream

Bonaparte Crossing

Campbells Farewell


Page 4: MP3
The New Brunswick, North Shore, Saturday Night

Page 5: MP3
Victory, Allie Crocker, Angus Campbell

Page 6: MP3
Away Back, The Butcher's Row, The Chamberlain, The Chatagee

Page 7: MP3
Churning Butter, The Farmer, The Woodchoppers

Page 8: MP3
The Jack Wood, Jack Cameron, The Golden Rooster

Page 9: MP3
Jacques Cartier, The Kitchen, Leventine's Barrell

Page 10: MP3
Little Black Moustache, The Long-Eared Mule, The Mackilmoyle

Page 11: MP3
The Mouth of the Tobique, Old French, The Old Man and the Old Woman, On the Road to Boston

Page 12: MP3
Mother's Reel, Montreal, The Parry Sound

Page 13: MP3
The Plough Boy, The Pop Corn, Port and Beans

Page 14: MP3
The Quebec, Reilly's Own, Sainte Agathe

Page 17: MP3
Polka: #5, The Atlantic Polka No. 1

Page 18: MP3
Clara, Daisy, The Fargo

Peccard Violin Outfit
Set up by hand • Free shipping US locations

Nice starting instrument for beginning student. Good sounding, well made instrument. The "outfit" includes the instrument, elegant composite fiberglass bow, with woodshell case and instrument blanket, backpack straps and outside music pocket. Set up by hand with French Despiau bridge and D'addario Pro-arte Strings. Trade-in Policy.

• 4/4: $395.00
• 3/4 - 1/2: $385.00
• 1/4-1/16: $375.00

Peccard Violin Outfit

For More Advanced Students

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