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Piano, book 1

Piano, book 2

Piano, book 1 & 2, CD

Piano, book 3 & CD

Piano, book 4

Piano, book 4 CD

Piano, book 5 & CD

Piano, book 6 & CD

Piano, book 7 & CD

Ms. Sunday teaches piano to children and adult beginning students, both as their primary instrument and in conjunction with violin or viola, to develop the student's musicianship, to study theory and to prepare for piano placement exams in university. Beginning students will start with two books: John Thompson's Teaching Little Fingers to Play and Suzuki book 1 (see below). We also explore Hanon, Czerny, the Bartók Mikrokosmos, as well as a great deal of jazz and popular music, if the student is interested in that.

Handouts include:

Primer: Lesson Book
Primer: Performance Book
Primer: Technique Book

Faber, Level 1 - Lesson Book
Faber, Level 1 - Technique Book
Faber, Level 1 - Performance Book
Piano Classics: Level 1

Faber, Level 2A - Lesson Book
Faber, Level 2A - Performance Book
Faber, Level 2A - Technique Book
Piano Classics: Level 2A

Faber, Level 2B - Lesson Book
Faber, Level 2B - Performance Book
Faber, Level 2B - Technique Book
Piano Classics: Level 2B
Faber, Level 3A - Lesson Book
Faber, Level 3A - Performance Book
Faber, Level 3A - Technique Book
Piano Classics: Level 3A-3B

Faber, Level 3B - Lesson Book
Faber, Level 3B - Performance Book
Faber, Level 3B - Technique Book
Piano Classics: Level 3A-3B

Faber, Level 4 - Lesson Book
Faber, Level 4 - Technique Book
Faber, Level 4 - Performance Book
Piano Classics: Level 4

Faber, Level 5 - Lesson Book
Faber, Level 5 - Performance Book

Scale Book
Jazz and Blues:
Jazz & Blues - Level 1
Jazz & Blues - Level 1B-2A
Jazz & Blues - Level 2B
Jazz & Blues - Level 3A-3B
Jazz & Blues - Level 4

See also: Jazz Piano page

PreTime Hymns: Primer Level
PlayTime Piano Hymns: Level 1
ShowTime Hymns: Level 2A
ChordTime Hymns: Level 2B
FunTime Hymns: Level 3A-3B
BigTime Hymns: Level 4

Salsa (Alfred Pub.):
Música Latina, Piano Solos That Celebrate Latin American Styles (Wynn-Anne Rossi): Bk 1, Bk 2,
Bk 3, Bk 4

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