1. Please be at the computer on time, neither early or late. Note that you are paying for the time slot, not the lesson, per se.
  2. Have all your books and materials at hand: notebook, manuscript paper, Suzuki or other books, sharpened pencils (no pens!). Make sure your notebook has filler paper in it.
  3. Teacher will help you with tuning.
  4. Upon receipt of first payment (usually takes three business days to process), teacher will mail you rosin, shoulder pad, mute, polishing cloth and music dictionary.
  5. If your instrument has problems, please visit a luthier shop or music store prior to your lesson to have any needed repairs done.
  6. Please examine the first page of your notebook every practice session, and prepare the materials assigned for the week. Contact Teacher if there are any questions.
  7. Students need to practice every day, and prepare the lesson materials for the next lesson.
  8. Practice time should be divided up into (i.) Scales/arpeggios; (ii.) études or study pieces; and (iii.) performance pieces.
  9. At home, during practice sessions, please start each session with a scale (whether a specific one is assigned or not).
  10. Please text, phone or email and let teacher know if you're not going to be available online to take your lesson. And while sometimes it is unavoidable, please do this well in advance of the lesson time, not at the lesson time or an hour in advance. I need to know well in advance so I can schedule other things.
  11. No makeup lesson will be scheduled without 24 hour notice.
  12. Lesson fees are the same every month, whether you have three, four or five lessons. There are a couple of months where most students will have five lessons. There are three lessons in December and three or four in November, depending on the holidays.
  13. Lesson fees are due on or before the sixth of every month, with a $10 late fee after that time. Fees are due, whether you miss the first lesson of the month or not. Teacher will email you a PaySimple invoice at the beginning of every month.
  14. No refunds for the month, once lessons have started.