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• University of North Texas, May 1992: M.M., Violin Performance/Conducting

• University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: 1987-88, Suzuki training

• Rice University, Shepherd School of Music May 1987: B.A., Violin Performance/Conducting

• Manhattan School of Music, NYC. Violin studies with Samuel Applebaum, 1968-70

Violin teachers:
Joseph Pizinger, Beatrice Pease; Wichita, Kansas
Francis Jones (Auer student), Robert McNally; Tulsa, Oklahoma
Samuel Applebaum; Manhattan School of Music
Daniel Mason (Heifetz master class student); Northern Arizona State University
Raphael Fleigel; Rice University
Ruth Johnson; Supervised Suzuki training UNC-CH
Richard Luby (Galamian student); University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Harotune Bedelian (Galamian student); University of California, Irvine
Robert Davidovici (Galamian student); University of North Texas

Master classes:
Samuel Applebaum, Franco Autori (Toscanini student), Stuart Canin, Heidi Castleman, Ruben Gonzalez, Ani Kavafian, Sergiu Luca, Yo-Yo Ma, Uri Mayer, Erica Morini, Itzhak Perlman, Ruggerio Ricci, Benjamin Zander, Pinchas Zukerman.

Samuel Jones (Rice)
Tonu Kalam, Susan Klebanow (UNC-CH)

Ellsworth Milburn (Rice)
Paul Cooper (Rice)
Mary Jeanne van Appledorn (Texas Tech)

Teaching Assistantship, UC Irvine
Public School: Tulsa, Dallas, Austin, Memphis
Contest adjudication: Tulsa, Memphis
Rhodes College (instructor, chamber music coach)
Private Studio Teacher

Ensemble playing:
Student Orchestras: Midwestern Music and Art Camp, Friends University, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa University, Manhattan School of Music, NAU, Arizona State, Rice, UNC-CH, UC Irvine
Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestra, Ballet and Opera Orchestras, Flagstaff Symphony, Baroque Chamber Orchestra, Opera
Grand Tetons Orchestral Seminar
Baytown, Irving, Galveston, Lubbock Symphonies
Memphis Opera
Charleston Symphony
AFM Memberships: Austin, Houston, Memphis, Tulsa
Freelance string player, conductor


Guide to Teaching and Playing the Violin Popular E-Book:
Guide to Teaching and Playing the Violin: Easy reference guide
to violin and viola pedagogy and performance for teachers, students and parents

Table of Contents
I. Violin/Viola FAQ
1. Learning and Techniques
2. Violin/Viola Care and Specs
3. Auditions and Gigs

II. Essays
1. Two Essays on the Development of Student Orchestras
2. Early History of the Violin (1520-1650)
3. Francisco Geminiani: The Art of Playing the Violin
4. Ornamentation in Tartini: Traité des Agréments
5. The Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61: Some 20th Century Viewpoints
6. John Cage and Merce Cunningham (1942-1992)
7. Portraits of Anomaly: Nannerl Mozart, Fanny Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann

III. Survival Guide for String Students and Parents

IV. Handouts
1. Analysis of Carl Flesch Scale System
2. Chord Structure & Cadential Formulas
3. Circle of Fifths
4. Common String Articulations
5. Dynamics
6. Elements of Music Pedagogy
7. Fingerboard Charts: Violin, Viola
8. Forms
9. Evaluating Intervals
10. Modes
11. Musicology
12. Non-Harmonic Tones
13. Non-Traditional Sound Resources
14. Ornaments
15. Time Signatures & Conducting Patterens
16. Violin/Viola/Piano: 3 octave Fingerings

Violin/Viola Stuff: Things to Help you Get Started, Studying, Teaching and Playing the Violin and Viola
Pedagogical materials continue to be written, old mysteries are brought up and only partially resolved (e.g., Nicolas Laoureux), and links change. The book is meant to be used in tandem with internet access. I love the feel of paperbacks, of actual books, and also like the convenience of a tablet, so that links may be followed. Both are pleasant experiences and suitable to different occasions and uses. So here is your updated version, with some new material. My friends who wanted to read this in the bath can now enjoy the work they requested.
Violin/Viola Stuff

Connie's Violin Page: Internet resources for string players, teachers, parents and students: Essays, FAQs and Surveys on string pedagogy for violin/viola teachers, students and parents. (Reprint of first book)
Connie's Violin Page

Love Letters to Marie: A World War II Correspondence: Transcription of letters my father wrote to my mother during his experiences as a navigator and bombardier on the B-26 Marauders during World War II.
Love Letters to Marie: A World War II Correspondence
Editor: Reflexions, an online magazine for string players.

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John Holt - Never Too Late: My Musical Life Story, C.M. Sunday 10/21/14 (archived)
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Non-Traditional String Sound Resources (from Penderecki's, Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima) , C.M. Sunday 9/21/14 (archived)
Free Handouts and pdf Files for String Teachers & Students, C.M. Sunday 9/21/14 (archived)
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Toby Appel's Guide to the Orchestra, Toby Appel 6/25/14 (archived)
Ivan Galamian (1903-1981), C.M. Sunday 6/24/14 (archived)
John Cage and Merce Cunningham (1942-1992), C.M. Sunday 6/22/14 (archived)
Book Review: Heifetz as I Knew Him, C.M. Sunday 6/18/14 (archived)
Common String Articulations, C.M. Sunday 6/16/14 (archived)
Violin/Viola, Piano: 3 octave fingerings, C.M. Sunday 6/15/14 (archived)
Early History of the Violin (1520-1650), C.M. Sunday 6/12/14 (archived)
Book Review: Education and Ecstasy: The Suppression of Genius and Sensibility in the Public Schools, C.M. Sunday 6/12/14 (archived)
Elitism versus Popularism in Music Education, C.M. Sunday 6/11/14 (archived)
Three Essays by Scott Slapin 6/7/14 (archived): The Paganini Caprices on Viola • Bach's Violin Sonatas and Partitas on the Viola • Shoulder Rests: To Use or Not To Use
Two Essays on the Development of Student Orchestras, C.M. Sunday 6/7/14 (archived): Orchestra Etiquette and Protocol • Orchestra Discipline
Beginning Strings: A Better Start, Emily Williams 6/5/14 (archived)
Cultural Conflict in Venezuela—Music for Youth Orchestra, Efraín Amaya 6/5/14 (archived)
The Uncommon Friendship between Willa Cather and Yalta Menuhin, Lionel Menuhin Rolfe 6/4/14 (archived)
Beyond the Dots: Teaching Visually Impaired Students, C.M. Sunday 6/3/14 (archived)
Discussion: Careers in Music, Steve Ledbetter & Steven Schaffner 6/2/14 (archived)

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