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Fiddle Tunes with MP3s
Performed by
Connie Sunday

Page 4: MP3
The New Brunswick
North Shore
Saturday Night

Page 5: MP3
Allie Crocker
Angus Campbell

Page 6: MP3
Away Back
The Butcher's Row
The Chamberlain
The Chatagee

Page 7: MP3
Churning Butter
The Farmer
The Woodchoppers

Page 8: MP3
The Jack Wood
Jack Cameron
The Golden Rooster

Page 9: MP3
Jacques Cartier
The Kitchen
Leventine's Barrell

Page 10: MP3
Little Black Moustache
The Long-Eared Mule
The Mackilmoyle

Page 11: MP3
The Mouth of the Tobique
Old French
The Old Man and the Old Woman
On the Road to Boston

Page 12: MP3
Mother's Reel
The Parry Sound

Page 13: MP3
The Plough Boy
The Pop Corn
Port and Beans

Page 14: MP3
The Quebec
Reilly's Own
Sainte Agathe

Page 17: MP3
Polka: #5
The Atlantic Polka No. 1

Page 18: MP3
The Fargo

Battle of Aughrim: MP3

Billy Cheatham: MP3

Boatin' Up Sandy: MP3

Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky Mountains: MP3

Campbell's Farewell: MP3

Cherokee Shuffle: MP3

Cluck Old Hen: MP3

Devil's Dream: MP3

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