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Piano pedagogical materials
by Maurice Hinson

Sheet Music | Books
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Sheet Music
  1. Anthology of 20th Century Piano Music with Performance Practices in Early 20th Century Piano Music

  2. Anthology of Baroque Keyboard Music with Performance Practices in Baroque Keyboard Music (with Bonus Lecture on Baroque Dance)

  3. Anthology of Classical Piano Music with Performance Practices in Classical Piano Music

  4. Anthology of Impressionistic Piano Music with Performance Practices in Impressionistic Piano Music

  5. Anthology of Romantic Piano Music with Performance Practices in Romantic Piano Music

  6. Essential Keyboard Repertoire: Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3, Vol. 4, Vol. 5, Vol. 6, Vol. 7, Vol. 8

  7. Masters of French Piano Music

  8. Collection of Early American Keyboard Music

  9. Humor in Piano Music - Baroque to Modern

  10. Bartók: Romanian Folk Dances, Sz. 56 for the Piano

  11. Bartók:: Allegro Barbaro, Sz. 49

  12. Blues & Jazz Complete

  13. Brahms: 51 Exercises

  14. Brahms: The Shorter Piano Pieces

  15. Chopin: Fantasy in F Minor, Op. 49

  16. Debussy: Children's Corner

  17. Debussy: Golliwogg's Cakewalk

  18. Debussy: Selected Preludes

  19. Granados: May Song

  20. Grieg: Sonata in E minor, Op. 7

  21. Haydn: The Complete Piano Sonatas: Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3

  22. Listz: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

  23. Listz: Piano Music from His Early Years

  24. Milhaud: Saudades do Brazil

  25. Mozart: Twelve Variations on "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman" ("Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star")

  26. Orff Collection, The

  27. Poulenc: Mouvements Perpetuels

  28. Rachmaninoff: Valse and Romance

  29. Ravel: Jeux d'eau

  30. Satie Collection: 21 Piano Pieces by Erik Satie

  31. Scarlatti: Selected Sonatas

  32. Scriabin: Prelude And Nocturne For The Left Hand, Op. 9

  33. Schumann: Carnaval, Op. 9

  34. Schumann: Papillons

  35. Schumann: Symphonic Etudes, Op. 13

  1. The Comprehensive Catalogue of Duet Literature for Female Voices

  2. Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire: Supplement

  3. Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire

  4. Masters of the Theme and Variations -- A Guide to Style and Interpretation

  5. Music for More Than One Piano: An Annotated Guide

  6. Music for Piano and Orchestra: An Annotated Guide

  7. The Pianist's Bookshelf: A Practical Guide to Books, Videos and Other Resources

  8. The Pianist's Dictionary

  9. The Pianist's Guide to Transcriptions, Arrangements, and Paraphrases

  10. The Pianist's Reference Guide: A Bibliographical Survey

  11. The Piano in Chamber Ensemble: An Annotated Guide

  12. Piano Teacher's Source Book: An Annotated Bibliography of Books Related to the Piano and Piano Music

  13. The Vienna Urtext: Guide to Piano Literature

  14. Nasen A-Z: Graded List of Reading Books

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