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Tonality (piano):

Major Scale - See: Major Keys and Scales
C Major Scale, treble clef tonmjC
D Major Scale, treble clef tonmjD
B flat Major Scale, bass clef tonmjBflat

Three forms of the Minor Scale - See: Minor Keys and Scales
Natural minor scale tonminnatural
Melodic minor scale tonminmelodic
Harmonic minor scale tonminharmonic

Modal: - See: Scales that aren't Major or Minor
Dorian: moddor
Phrygian: modphry
Major: modmaj
Minor: modmin
Pentatonic: modpent
Whole tone: modwt
Lydian: modlyd

Chromatic: tonchrom

Chords (piano): - See: Introduction to Music Theory, Beginning Harmonic Analysis

Triads - See: Naming Triads
Major: chomj
Minor: chomin
Diminished: chodim
Augmented: choaug

7th Chords - See: Beyond Triads: Naming Other Chords
Dominant 7th: 7th chodom7
Diminished 7th: chodim7
Major 7th: choM7
Minor 7th: chomin7
Half Diminished 7th: chohalfdim

Intervals (piano - individual & simultaneous): See: Intervals
Major 2nd - M2.mp3
minor 2nd - min2.mp3
Major 3rd - M3.mp3
minor 3rd - min3.mp3
Perfect 4th - P4.mp3
Perfect 5th - P5.mp3
diminished 5th - dd5.mp3
Major 6th - M6.mp3
minor 6th - min6.mp3
Major 7th - M7.mp3
minor 7th - min7.mp3
Octave - P8.mp3

See: Consonance and Dissonance
Consonance: Major 3rd, minor 3rd, Perfect 4th, Perfect 5th, Major 6th, minor 6th, Octave.
Dissonance: Major 2nd, minor 2nd, Major 7th, minor 7th.

Meter (violin): - See: Meter in Music

Simple Meter:
Simple duple - 2/4 : metdup
Simple triple - 3/4 : mettrip
Simple quadruple - 4/4 : metquad

Compound Meter:
Compound duple - 6/8 : metcompdup
Compound triple- 9/8 : metcomptrip
Compound quadruple - 12/8 : metcompquad

Hemiola: methem
Syncopation: metsync

Articulations: - See: Violin Terms
Bariolage: artbario
Bartók pizz: artbartok
Con legno: artconleg
Con sordino: artconsort
Harmonics: arthrms
Legato: artleg
Pizzicato: artpizz
Portamento: artport
Spiccato: artspicc
Staccato: artstacc
Sul ponticello: artpont
Tremolo: arttrem

Timbre: - See: Timbre
Violin: timvl
Viola: timvla

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