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Fischer, Simon: Practice

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Sunday, C.M. Connie's Violin Page: Internet resources for string players, teachers, parents & students. Available through Amazon in book and Kindle editiions, and through MobiPocket.

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Suzuki Links:
Barbara Barber Books - Violin/Viola
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String pedagogical materials by William & Constance Starr
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Suzuki Violin Books & CD's
Suzuki Piano Accompaniment Books (for violin)
Suzuki violin MIDI disks
Suzuki Association of the Americas
International Suzuki Society
pdf: Suzuki Violin Repertoire List

Agopian, Edmond: The no time to practice technique companion

ASTA String Syllabus 2003

Bachman, A.: Encyclopedia of Violin

Baker, T.: Schirmer Pocket Manual of Musical Terms

Barlow: Easy Baroque Duets

Barnes, Gail: Applying Research to the Teachings and Playing of Stringed Instruments

Carolyn M. Barrett, Ph.D, The Magic of Matsumoto: The Suzuki Method of Education

Barrett, H.: The Viola

Bauman, Susan C.: In Search of the Japanese Spirit in Talent Education

Behrand, L & Sheila Keats: Suzuki Approach, The

Bigler, C & Lloyd-Watts: Studying Suzuki Piano: More than Music

Bigler, C & Lloyd-Watts: Ornamentation

Bodman, Lyman: Essays on Violin Pedagogy

Boyk, James: To Hear Ourselves as Others Hear Us (Amazon). Also see: Professor Boyk's Performance Recordings, which includes a link to his To Hear Ourselves As Others Hear Us (Book)

Bron, Zakhar: Art of the Etude, The

Bruser, Madeline: The Art of Practicing : A Guide to Making Music from the Heart

Butler, Mimi: The complete guide to running a private music studio

Butler, Mimi: The complete guide to making more money in the private music studio

Butler, Mimi: Mimi Butler's Homepage to purchase books if they are not available used, on Amazon

Cahill, Greg: Making Your Living as a String Player

Colquhoun, Frona; What the Students Taught the Teacher

Comeau, Gilles, Ph.D.: 10 Teachers' Viewpoints on Suzuki Piano

Clifford A. Cook, Suzuki Education in Action: A Story of Talent Training from Japan (An Exposition-university book)

Dalton, David: Playing the Viola, Conversations with William Primrose

Eiche, John F.: The Bach Chaconne for Solo Violin

Fest, Beverly Tucker: Suzuki Pianist's List of Supplementary Materials

Findlay, Elsa: Rhythm and Movement (Dalcroze Eurythmics)

Fink, Lorraine: A Parent's guide to String Instrument Study

Gerle, Robert: Art of Practicing the Violin, The

Gerle, Robert: Art of Bowing Practice, The

Gilligan, Judy & Wagstaff: Violin Verses

Goldberg, Milton: The violin column: A collection of articles for both teachers and parents focusing on care of the violin, practicing, technique, and motivation

Green, Barry: Inner Game of Music, The

Green, Barry: Mastery of Music, The

Grilli, Susan: Preschool in the Suzuki Spirit

Havas, Kato: New Approach to Violin Playing, A

Havas, Kato: Stage Fright

Havas, Kato: Twelve Lesson Course, The

Hermann, Evelyn: Shinichi Suzuki The Man and His Philosophy

Honda, Masaaki, M.D.: Shinichi Suzuki: Man of Love

Honda, Masaaki, M.D.: Suzuki Changed My Life

Honda, Masaaki, M.D.: Vehicle of Music, The

Horvath, Janet: Playing (less) Hurt

Hunt, Sandy: 101 Sizzling Tips for Excellence on the Violin

Ibuka, Masaru: Kindergarten Is Too Late!

Kataoka, Haruko: How to Teach Beginners

Kataoka, Haruko: Sensibility and Education

** Kataoka, Haruko: My Thoughts on Suzuki Piano School

Kataoka, Haruko: My Thoughts on Suzuki Piano Technique

Kemper, Susan: Between Parent & Teacher

Kempter, Susan: How Muscles Learn

Kendall, Catherine Wolff: More Stories of Composers

Kendall, Catherine Wolff: Stories of Composers

Kendall, Catherine Wolff: Stories of Women Composers

** Kendall, John: Suzuki Violin Method in American Music Education, The

Kennedy, Michael: Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music

Kenneson, Claude: Musical Prodigies

Kochevitsky, George: Art of Piano Playing

Kolneder, Walter: Amadeus Book of the Violin

Koppelman, Doris: Introducing Suzuki Piano

Kreitman, Edward: Teaching from the Balance Point

Landers, Ray: Is Suzuki Education Working in America

Landers, Ray: The Talent Education School of Shinichi Suzuki: An Analysis: Application of Its Philosophy and Methods to All Areas of Instruction (Exposition-Banner Book)

Lester, Joel: Bach's Works for Solo Violin

Liebermann, Julie Lyonn: Contemporary Violinist, The

Liebermann, Julie Lyonn: Improvising Violin

Liebermann, Julie Lyonn: Planet Musician

Liebermann, Julie Lyonn: You Are Your Instrument: The Definitive Musician's Guide

Loft, Abram: How to Succeed in an Ensemble

Meyer, Carolyn McCall: Group Lessons for Suzuki: Violin and Viola

Menuhin, William Primrose: Violin & Viola (Yehudi Menuhin Music Guides)

Merrill & Brandt: Pre-Twinkle Book, The New

Mills, Elizabeth: In the Suzuki Style: A Manual for Raising Musical Consciousness in Children

Mills, Elizabeth, S. Therese Murphy: Suzuki Concept: An Introduction to a Successful Method for Early Music Education

Morris, Carroll: Suzuki Parent's Diary: Or How I Survived My First 10,000 Twinkles

Mozart, Leopold: A Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing

Mullins, Shirley: Teaching Music, the Human Experience

Nathan, Amy: Young Musician's Survival Guide

Nelson, Sheila M.: Violin and Viola: History, Structure, Techniques

Norris, Richard, M.D.: Musician's Survival Guide

Orchestra Musician's CD-ROM Library, Vol. 1

Perkins, Marianne Murry: A Comparison of Violin Playing Techniques: Kato Havas, Paul Rolland, and Shinichi Suzuki

Pernecky, Jack M. & Fink: Teaching the Fundaments of Violin Playing

Pomer, Vic: Le Violon Sans Douleur

Portafekas & Marlow: Making Music with Your Child

Powell, Mary C.: Focus on Suzuki Piano (About Suzuki)

Primrose, William: Walk on the North Side

Richards, Cynthia: How to Get Your Child to Practice without Resorting to Violence

Rickman, Shirlee: Parent Orientation Handbook

Riley, M.: History of the Viola, Vol. 1

Riley, M.: History of the Viola, Vol. 2

Rolland, Paul: Basic Principles of Violin Playing

Rolland, Paul: Teaching of Action in String Playing

Ross, Barry: A Violinist's Guide to Exquisite Intonation

Sand, Barbara Lourie:
Teaching Genius: Dorothy DeLay & the Making of a Musician

Schneiderman, Barbara: Confident Music Performance

Sherer, Lon: Practicing, a Liturgy of Self-Learning

Sherman, Marc: Non-Musical Notation for Suzuki Violin Parents (Vols. 1-3)

Sherman, Marc: Non-Musical Notation for Suzuki Violin Parents - Popular Songs for Violin

Sloan, Kay Collier: They're Rarely Too Young..and Never Too Old "To Twinkle"

Starr, William: Adventures in Music Reading for Violin, Bk. 1

Starr, William: Adventures in Music Reading for Violin, Bk. 2

Starr, William: The Suzuki Violinist: A Guide for Teachers and Parents

Starr, William, Constance Star: To Learn With Love: A Companion for Suzuki Parents

Steinhardt, Arnold: Indivisible by Four: A String Quartet in Pursuit of Harmony

Steinschaden, Bruno: Ear Training and Violin Playing

Suzuki, Shinichi: Ability Development from Age Zero

Suzuki, Shinichi: Man and Talent: Search into the Unknown

Suzuki, Shinichi: Nurtured by Love

** Suzuki, Shinichi: How to Teach Suzuki Piano

Suzuki, Waltraud: My Life with Suzuki

Swafford, Jan: Vintage Guide to Classical Music

Syllabus of Examinations 2003 Royal School of Music

Tanaka, Shigeki: Everything Depends on How You Raise Them

Timmerman, Craig: Journey Down the Kreisler Highway: Reflections on the Teachings of Shinichi Suzuki

Wagstaff, Diane: Games and Motivation for the Suzuki Violin Student

Wickes, Linda: The Genius of Simplicity: Suzuki Method (About Suzuki)

Wilson, Charlene: Teaching Suzuki Cello: A Manual for Teacher and Parents

Yelin, Joy: Movement that Fits (Dalcroze Eurythmics)

Young, Phillis: Playing the String Game

Young, Phillis: String Play, The

Yurko, Michiko: No H in Snake: Music Theory for Children

Shinichi Suzuki: His Speeches and Essays (About Suzuki)

Where Love Is Deep: The Writings of Shin'Ichi Suzuki by Kyoko Selden (Translator)

** Booklets by Summy-Birchard

For Children:

Margaret Keith, I can play my violin just as well as Jeremy can!: The Suzuki way

Catherine Wolff Kendall, Stories of composers for young musicians

M. Parkinson, Mommy, Can We Practice Now?

Simon Fischer

The Violin Lesson is the logical sequel to Basics and Practice. Basics gives all the fundamental technique; Practice shows how to merge technique with music-making. The Violin Lesson, while adding fine detail to many of the subjects covered before, is able to go beyond the headings of the previous books into other essential areas of music-making and violin playing.

Each chapter is a masterful presentation in which Simon Fischer tackles the obvious and seemingly intractable problems of playing and teaching the violin. In his typically thorough but straightforward way, he addresses technique, musical artistry and psychology as manageable and interconnected units, often illuminating the problems from new and unexpected angles and transforming even the most intimidating matters into inviting subjects with clear solutions.

While those who know Basics and Practice will recognize some of the topics - and various familiar landmarks reappear - they are expanded with new and substantial material in The Violin more

Guide to Teaching and Playing the Violin: Easy reference guide to violin and viola pedagogy and performance for teachers, students and parents. Paperback – September 9, 2011; Kindle Ebook

Connie's Violin Page: Internet resources for string players, teachers, parents and students. Paperback – August 14, 2009

Love Letters to Marie: A World War II Correspondence: Transcription of letters my father wrote to my mother during his experiences as a navigator and bombardier on the B-26 Marauders during World War II. Paperback – August 7, 2011; Kindle Ebook

Violin/Viola Stuff: Things to Help you Get Started, Studying, Teaching and Playing the Violin and Viola. Paperback – August 18, 2013

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