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Excellent teacher who takes the time to discuss the structure of music and its history. Challenges the student to maximize his/her abilities.

If you are looking for an exceptional violin teacher I can highly recommend my teacher. Her name is Connie Sunday and she is available in Lubbock. I have had others and they do not compare. Ms. Sunday is located in a college neighborhood and is courteous and kind. I would certainly consider taking my children to her if they were still at home. A fine teacher and person.

Dr. A:
We have had a great experience; you are patient and care deeply as a teacher and as a person. We are grateful to have you as a teacher.

I have been studying piano with Ms. Sunday for almost a year now, and have really enjoyed my lessons.

I had played viola for over 10 years in my youth, including private lessons, and I believe if I had had a teacher like Ms. Sunday I would have stayed with music instead of leaving it when I finished high school.

Ms. Sunday is very encouraging but does not praise or compliment insincerely, effusively, or excessively. She gives the right amount of push to get you out of your comfort zone, to grow as a musician, but does so in a very methodical way as to not be intimidating and overwhealming.

Lessons include theory and music history which I wish I had learned as a youth because it makes playing so much easier. Every week I have a scale, some etudes, and one or two pieces to work on. My favorite thing about Ms. Sunday is the way she frames concepts and actions. I never 'practice,' but instead 'spend time with the piano' which makes doing it seem much less like a chore. (How I wish I had that mind frame as a child!) She encourages students to listen to and watch others perform, a vital part of learning music, but one that many teachers seem to overlook.

I've worked in the Teaching Little Fingers to Play, Faber Series, and Suzuki books as well as Hanon, Czerny, Bartok, L. Mozart, and A. Mozart etudes.

I've enjoyed Ms. Sunday's lessons so much, I had no hesitation to recommend her when a coworker of mine was looking for a piano teacher for her daughter earlier this year, and I have no hesitation in recommending her here.

Connie Sunday is without a doubt a superior teacher for the violin. She explains everything so that you can understand it, is exceptionally patient and understanding, and is a joy to be around. The price of equipment that she sells is much better than you can get either at a music store or on-line. She is there for the students and is very flexible on changing lesson times and dates if needed. Each lesson is a positive experience and I am so happy that I have her for a teacher. I am an adult student but have seen her work with children. She is exceptionally good with them also. If I still had young kids at home she would be their teacher. You can not go wrong with this lady.

I wanted to study piano as an adult, and I was a student of Ms. Sunday for about 2 years. As a result, I learned many things in the time that I spent with her studying music/music theory. She is very knowledgeable and always available for any questions a student might have. I found her to be a flexible teacher and would highly recommend her to anyone that is beginning to study music.

Ms Sunday was my violin teacher for four years, she is the most knowledgeable, experienced musician and music educator that I have ever met. Beside learning to play the violin, I've learned about music theory, history of music and famous musicians of past and present. I continue to seek music advise from her; even though I am not presently taking lessons.

Mr. J.:
I am sixty-nine year old, retired commercial pilot. Who is spending some of my retirement in the pursuit of music. I am presently enjoying my violin, trumpet, ukulele and percussion. My grand daughters age ten and four join me weekly in the pursuit of music and noise!

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