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Suzuki Violin Books
Tune a Day Violin Books
Advanced Violin Literature

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Everest Shoulder Rest:
VIOLIN: 4/4 - 3/4 | 3/4 - 1/2 | 1/4 - 1/10
VIOLA: 15"-16 1/2"
Chromatic tuner
Music stand
Violin Fingerboard Chart
Viola Fingerboard Chart
Large size Manuscript paper
Instrument Care (pdf)

Violin Scales:
One octave A
One octave D
Two octave G

Viola Scales:
One octave D
One octave G
One octave C

Cassia Harvey New!
Playing the Violin, Book One
Playing the Violin, Book Two
Playing the Violin, Book Three
Knowing the Notes for Violin
Getting in Shape for Violin (A & B Levels)
Learning the Violin, Book Two
Open String Bow Workouts for Violin, Book One
Open String Bow Workouts for Violin, Book Two 
The Open-String Book for Violin
Early Exercises for the Violin
First Position Scale Studies for the Violin, Book One
Scale Studies (One String) for the Violin, Part One: One-Octave Scales 
Three-Octave Scales for the Violin, Book One
Playing in Keys for Violin, Book One: C, G, and D major
Octave Scale Studies for the Violin, Book One
Second Position for the Violin 
Third Position Study Book for Violin, Book One
Fourth Position for the Violin
Double Stop Beginnings for the Violin, Book One
Double Stop Beginnings for the Violin, Book Two 
Octaves for the Violin, Book One
Warming Up for Violin, Book One
Warming Up for Violin, Book Two
Serial Shifting for the Violin
Shifting in Keys for Violin, Book One
G Major Shifting for the Violin
The A-String Book for Violin
The D-String Book for Violin 
The Triplet Book for Violin, Part One
Finger Exercises for Violin, Book One
Finger Exercises for the Violin, Book Two
The Rieding Violin Concerto in B Minor Practice Edition

Many also available for viola, cello (the author is a cellist) and bass.

Peccard Violin or Viola Outfits
Set up by hand • Free shipping US locations • Ships in three business days

Peccard Violin Outfit

Nice starting instrument for beginning student. Good sounding, well made instrument. The "outfit" includes the instrument, elegant composite fiberglass bow, with woodshell case and instrument blanket, backpack straps and outside music pocket. Set up by hand with French Despiau bridge and D'addario Pro-arte Strings. Trade-in Policy.

Peccard VIOLIN
• 4/4: $395.00
• 3/4 - 1/2: $385.00
• 1/4-1/16: $375.00

Peccard VIOLA
• 15"-16 1/2": $495.00
• 14": $435.00
• 12", 13": $395.00

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Advanced Violin Literature
[See also: Advanced Violin Literature]

Advanced Viola Literature
[See also: Advanced Viola Literature]

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