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• "St. Fleur" Colored Braided Carbon Fiber Violin Bow $235
• DJV05F: Pierre Martin pernambuco violin bow with Parisian eye $275
• DJV04: Louis Marino braided carbon fiber violin bow $225
• DJV07: Arnold carbon fiber violin bow $160
• 300D-1 Dörfler Brazilwood Violin Bow (4/4). List: $217. SALE PRICE: $190
• DO15-1 Dörfler Pernambuco Violin Bow (4/4). List: $412. SALE: $340
• DO15A-1 Dörfler Pernambuco Violin Bow (4/4). List: $412. SALE: $355
• DO20A-1 Dörfler Pernambuco Violin Bow (4/4). List: $1,224. SALE: $1,545
Viola, cello and fractional bows also available. Please inquire.

St.Fleur Violin Bow

DJV05 Violin Bow v. 1

DJV05 Violin Bow v. 2

DJV04 Violin Bow

300-D Violin Bow

DO15 Violin Bow

DO20A Violin Bow

Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass Bows

Seifert Violin Bows

Seifert Violin Bows
Glasser Student Bows - in Colors
Violin: $144.00 - Viola: $150.00
No design fee - All colors available
Free shipping US / $30.00 Europe
'Cello and Bass also!
Beautiful Budget Bows - free shipping US

St. Fleur bow
"St. Fleur" Colored Braided Carbon Fiber Bows New
Violin: $235 • Viola: $245 • Cello: $265

Violin Frog Violin Frog

Why is the Frog, called a Frog? Nobody really knows why exactly. However, there are many theories about the origins of the term Frog. In German, the bottom of a horse’s hoof is called the "frosch." The "frog" of a horse hoof is a small area toward the rear of the hoof that acts as a shock absorber. Since a bow’s frog is located at the bottom of the bow and also acts a shock absorber, this may be the reason for its name.

Some believe that the frog looks somewhat like the profile of a frog. Another opinion comes from the last name of the modern day frog inventor, Helmut Gorf. Gorf spelled backwards is Frog. The Frog is also called the Heel, which presents a strong case for the German word origin. (Frosch = Frog)
Violin Frog Violin Frog

Violin Frog Violin Frog

Violin Frog

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