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  • Binary SIMPLE: A->B :||: A->B and ROUNDED: A :||: B A or A'

  • Ternary A B A

  • Strophic (verse-repeating or chorus form) A A A...

  • Theme and Variations

  • Rondo ABACABA

  • Bar Form: AAB

    Sonata allegro form
    sonata allegro form diagram

  • Sonata Allegro Form: not a form but a procedure of key conflict and configuration. Key and chord are different concepts. Actually only applies to a small number of works. See Charles Rosen, Sonata Forms.
    - Exposition: Theme I in Tonic, Theme II in Dominant. Relatable keys;
    - Development: Development of themes. Tonal fluctuation;
    - Recapitulation: Themes I and II, both in Tonic

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